Product Owner (80-100%, Zurich Hybrid), Zürich (kreis 11)

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Product Owner (80-100%, Zurich Hybrid), Zürich (kreis 11)
Switzerland, Zürich, Zürich,
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VSHN, pronounced like “vision,” specializes in supporting software development teams to make their work testable, deployable, scalable, and operable in any cloud environment, with a focus on efficiency and automation. We achieve this by providing self-service platform products like APPUi O and Application Catalog to developers and also by leveraging that to build custom solutions that ease the development and deployment cycle, sharing application operations responsibility through close collaboration with developers.

Your New Role: Product Owner, App Flow and App Ops Team

As the Product Owner, you will bridge the gap between our internal customer representatives (Account Managers) and other stakeholders to strategize, plan your team's sprint work, and balance day-to-day operations, supported by Pre-Sales Solution Architects and a Scrum Master for the meta-level. You will also lead the transformation of our App Flow and App Ops offerings from custom services to more standardized, automated products over time. This role involves closely working with strategy roles and other POs, aligning with actual customer demands and company strategy. Let's get going together!

App Flow and App Ops Explained

App Flow


the journey from development to production, focusing on continuous

building, testing, packaging, and deployment.

App Ops

is about crafting and managing the optimal

hosting environment, emphasizing automation, observability, and security

to ensure smooth application operations on "any" cloud.

Your mission is to evolve these offerings into more standardized and reproducible products while creating customer value from day 1. You'll take the lead for this, with robust support from your Team, Strategists, and Solution Architects

Responsibilities summarized

Acting as a Scrum Product

Owner in a team that handles both customer service and product


Owning and evolving your

team's offerings into more tangible, standardized products.

Preparing and presenting

work for the team and stakeholders.

Supporting Solution

Architects, Marketing, and Sales in promoting your offerings.

Support our Account Managers in coordinating relevant customer projects.

Company culture

As an organization, we thrive on diversity and self-management, orienting ourselves on Agile and Sociocracy 3.0 principles. We emphasize transparency, collaboration, and common goals, valuing Scrum-like workflows in our tech teams. Decisions at VSHN are made collaboratively, valuing reasoned arguments over hierarchical positions - we trust in self-responsibility in everyone, in people who share the responsibility of their team, and that decisions happen with the subject-matter experts, in our teams wherewe face the day-to-day challenges while getting the best possible support from the wider organization.

Read more about how VSHN is unique in our


- one example of how much we value Transparency and live open source as an organization.

This job is for you if

You have:


technical background, especially in those fields related to software

development, deployment, application backend systems, and cloud services.


interest in the field of Dev Ops, Free and Open Source Software, Linux,

Cloud-native, and Kubernetes.


solid understanding of Agile and Scrum - while not insisting on doing

Scrum strictly by the book, which we don't.


but pragmatic working and documentation approach, excellent organizational

and coordination skills.


positive feeling within you when you hear, "Good enough for now, safe

enough to try (until the next review)."


in English and German communication.

You are excited to work in a company with self-managed teams, no bosses, a high degree of support, and opportunities for personal development, where reasoned arguments hold sway over hierarchical mandates and your work makes a real impact.

As a bonus


have worked as a Product Owner in an IT (Software) Team or are Scrum

Product Owner certified.


understand spoken Swiss German.


have worked in a role where customer work, product development, and

day-to-day operations had to be balanced all the time.

At VSHN, we are open to hiring motivated individuals with varying levels of the above-mentioned experience as long as they demonstrate a strong commitment to learning and quickly applying new skills on the job. The remuneration for this role will be in line with our fixed salary policy, which applies universally across all roles.

What we offer

VSHN offers great perks


great colleagues.
If you’re interested, you can grow into new roles by taking on additional responsibilities, working within other roles, or even changing teams over time.
We live in a culture that enables working remotely and from home (even before COVID-19), we have mandatory on-site events a few times a year, and in general,we love meeting at the office to connect and socialize.


all VSHNeers, you receive a

fixed monthly salary and phantom stock options in

the company

in a fully transparent salary system.

Please note: we don’t work with recruitment agencies, and we’re looking for people with permission to work in Switzerland (Swiss/EU citizens and Swiss residents/work visa holders).

Do you think this sounds interesting? Then hit the “Apply Now” button above, and let’s meet for a casual virtual cup of coffee!



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Besetzung: Product owner (80-100%, zurich hybrid)
Mindest. Gehalt: 80

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